BDI 2911 (DOWN 2)

BCI 2941 (DOWN 43)

BPI 3977 (UP 25)

BSI 2508 (UP 18)

BHSI 1358 (UP 3)



   An uneventful, overall flat day with little new inquiry especially in the Atlantic, brokers said. There were still very few ships willing to go east, but although not too much business in the market it would not take much new to boost rates.

   Ships in the Mediterranean still struggle to find business as did committed ships in the US Gulf.

   In the east, trading was very dull with little new reported fixed although so far rates remained steady, brokers said. There was some period business reported, but this was concluded last week.

    Alfred C.Toepfer took the 75,000-dwt 2009-built Iorana for 35 to 37 months trading with June delivery at $20,000 daily. Brokers suggested that there was a significant amount of interest from charterers to take ships for a couple of years.

   STX Pan Ocean UK took the Farenco relet Red Iris, 75,730-dwt open Hualien 20-25 April for 7 to 9 months trading at $30,000 daily.



   There was talk the 76,500-dwt 2004-built Avoca open 13 April Cape Passero fixed from France to the Mediterranean at $32,000 daily with Multitrading.

   The Ocean Baron, 74,193-dwt 2002-built ready Jorf Lasfar 15 April went for a transatlantic round on private.

   The 76,596-dwt 2007-built Grand Diva open Swinoujscie 17 April was booked for  Baltic round on subjects.

   The 87,052-dwt 2005-built Alam Padu, 15-20 April Santos fixed for a trip to the Continent with grain at $33,000 daily plus an $800,000 bonus, but a charterer was not reported.

    Hanjin booked tonnage on private terms for a trip from the US east coast to China.

   The 32-year old 61,345-dwt Venetico B spot Xiamen at the end of last week went for an east coast South America/Far East run a $16,000 daily, but a charterer was not reported.



  There was little fresh business reported in the east although it emerged that Cargill took the Washington Trader, 74,428-dwt 2000-built from Kagoshima via Australia to the Continent via the Cape of Good Hope at $21,000 daily – although a long duration.

   The GMI relet 73,048-dwt 1997-built Carina open Inchon 9 April went at the end of last week for a trip via Indonesia to the UK or Continent and another off market GMI ship went to BHP Billiton for a trip from Hay Point to Sweden, but rates were not reported.

   Shadab booked the Paiute, 70,231-dwt 1995-built from Dalian 13-14 April for a trip via NoPac and Iraq and redelivery PMO at $31,000 daily.


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