Physical routes making up the Baltic Indices


C8 172000mt Gibraltar/Hamburg trans Atlantic RV 25%  
C9 172000mt Continent/Mediterranean trip Far East 25% CS4TC
C10 172000mt Pacific RV 25%  
C11 172000mt China/Japan trip Mediterranean/Cont 25%  
P1A 74000mt Transatlantic RV 25%  
P3A 74000mt Japan-SK/Pacific/RV 25%  
P4 74000mt FAR EAST/NOPAC/SK-PASS 25%  
S1A 54000 mt Antwerp -Skaw Trip Far East 25%  
S1B 54000 mt CanakkaleTrip Far East 25%  
S2 54000 mt Japan -SK / NOPAC or Australia rv 12.5% SM6TC
S3 54000 mt Japan -SK Trip Gib-Skaw range 12.5%  
S4 54000 mt US Gulf -Skaw-Passero 12.5%  
S4B 54000 mt Skaw-Passero-US Gulf 12.5%  
HS1 28000mt Skaw / Passero-Recalada/ Rio de Janeiro 12.5%  
HS2 28000mt Skaw / Passero-Boston / Galveston range 12.5%  
HS3 28000mt Recalada/ Rio de Janeiro -Skaw / Passero 12.5% HM6TC
HS4 28000mt US Gulf / NC South America -Skaw / Passero 12.5%  
HS5 28000mt SE Asia via Australia -Singapore / Japan 25%  
HS6 28000mt S Korea/Japan -Singapore/Japan range incl. China 25%  
other physical routes making up the Baltic indices    
C2 160000mt Brazil (Tubarao)–Rotterdam    
C3 150000mt Barzil(Tubarao) –China    
C4 150000mt Richards Bay/Rotterdam    
C5 150000mt West Australia/China    
C7 150000mt Columbia/Rotterdam    
C12 150000mt Gladstone/Rotterdam    

Percentage contribution towards the BDI depends on each individual route’s assessment.

Approximate composition is as follows:

CS4TC 23%
PM4TC 29%
SM6TC 17%
HM6TC 9%
C2-C7 & C12 22%
TOTAL 100%
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